The never ending torment


Corruption; someone is given trust, and with that trust comes power, power that can be used against the ones who trusted, an act of betrayal. Some may attribute this word to those in charge around here. I would use this word in a different light, taking something pure and twisting it from its natural form into some horrid perversion evoking an emotion of absolute disdain. Time and time again it happens to me. Many of my friends are well beyond reach now, but those who are close enough to hear my cries for mercy all say the same thing. Day after day now, as the new CEO of the Fowler Defence corporation, I have been reaching out to players long since gone, and they too all say the same thing. I know it to be true, but I resist the truth. They have all departed for the same reason, I have considered it many times, but I haven’t been able to let go. My loyalty is too strong, able to firmly grasp even what is no longer there. The once mighty alliances this community brought to fruition have long since disbanded, crumbling under the constant pressure and increasing weight of unholy conditions, and yet I still go around calling myself a member of one of these alliances, despite every alliance having been expunged for over two years now. Everyone I bring to this game or bring back to this game says the same thing, even if they’ve never played multiplayer games before. They all have the same issues and the same comments. Every single one of them says the matchmaker is terrible and it keeps putting an abundance of overpowered people on one team while putting the Aces on the other. They all say alien ships are problematic, even the people I bring in and get them to rank 5 after waiting hours total in queue say “what the f*ck? These alien things are so god damn overpowered.” At rank 5. Even the new players realize how horrible this is. Every time I get someone to tier 2 (4-6) they don’t want to play anymore, having to face off ‘Ellydium’ ships and Destroyers on ships that haven’t been reworked in so long they can only combat ships of identical stature. Everyone I’ve tried to get to play this game has quit, many quit when destroyers came out, but I’ve brought them back and after one battle they quit again. This is becoming more than problematic. I’ll make the rest of this short. I once had a passion for this game, an incredibly strong flame burning hotter than anyone’s I’ve personally seen before. I will still devote time to it to help other players, but aside from that, I do not care for it anymore. There are so many other games out there that at least treat their players like half a human being. I see no hope in this, every update brings more and more horrible ideas to the table, every day another part of the community I once called home is destroyed. I’ve been trying to make solutions to this, but I’ve never been able to finish addressing one problem before ten more arise. I’ve given up on trying to make fifty page long documents on balancing this mistake, I’ll release my unfinished ideas whenever I find it within me to do something that the ones in charge won’t even glance at. I’ll shift my efforts now to continuing in working on filming and recreating the map suggestions I lost when getting a new computer. I can’t stand the horrible business models these developers have used and continue to use, it is incredibly toxic and it is something I can no longer support. I am more than done with trying to manage this. I’ve tried posting this before, but haven’t been able to bring myself to make anything final, so whit that, rest assured, the moment I have all the footage I need, I’ll be gone for good.


I doubt this will ever happen so I feel pretty safe saying this, if the devs can come up with an update that is either neutral or improves things rather than making them increasingly revolting, I’ll reconsider abandoning this.


Sneak peak of what I’m working on remaking that nobody will even acknowledge:


fact is when ppl see a op ship that is silver(credits) they’ll say it’s the MM that is broken, when they see a prem ship op they say it’s p2w, when they see crafted ship they say cheater and MM, when they see a new ship in the game they say not balance,op, broken, p2w… it’s always like this in every damn pvp games people are never happy and they always find something to complain about idk why… so far now i’m fine with alien ship, i’ve learn how to kill them and it was the same when dessy came out. Thing is ppl don’t want to spend time on learning how to do each thing, so lazy that it’s like “i want to do this, i want to get this,etc so give it to me.” i’m quite done on how ppl are getting these days but have to go with it.

So yea it’s hard to keep someone playing sc these days and due to the fact there is no other game mod that is trully developped (pve too repetitive and os empty sad for a space game) ppl go pvp and get killed by experienced players then leave; i can understand the feeling but we can’t do much for now, just wait and see ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”)


i’m curious on the thing you are working on ^^

Nemesis? In paint? XD

Its sad that people have really limited patience these days, they want this and that withtin one day if not instant, they want to play their LRFs on domination or CtB and not lose, its hard to catch up with the game if you quit for some stupid reason, come back after almost a year or even more and complain about it being different, if they don’t add content the game gets boring, if they add too much content the game becomes too complex, you can never reach a perfect balance, every update, every change they do its going to be met with anger, even changing the look of ships which has no effect on the balance whatsoever, people like to complain to make up for their lack of skill at video games, claiming that they have “lives”, if you really have one then you really can’t spare a few hours a day for some videogames? If your 10 hours that you waste 5 days if not 6 a week for minimum wage is what you call life then you might want to have a better look at it, its definietly something I’m not looking forward to when growing up, I understand that you won’t be able to switch to a high-paying job from a low paying one instantly, starting from the bottom is good, but not obligatory, you can just say that you suck at the game, it’s alright, we all used to, this game is easy to learn but hard to master, people come up with stupid yet clever builds all the time that require a even stupider build to counter, its a food chain in which we struggle to stay on the top, this is what makes competition that blazing fire that burns within you, this is the reason we play games, to switch from our boring and mundane lives to some spaceship action, if you don’t like it then there are other games like this around, go around and praise, and hype Star Citizen(because it will totally not have some missing features people will freak out over, because that happens everytime).

That’s all that I had to say, for those who are still staying and playing the game, thank you for your patience.

 Match maker is just half the battle. To fix MM is to put the pilot rating system back to what it was before the 10k rule. 


The next thing they need to do is maKe it easier to rank up. The drop schedule is way too low to get the skinner lock on most subjects.


The pay to progress options need to give a lot more for your dollar. ATM it cost a fortune to rank up out of pocket, or have absolutely no life for months at a time. The pay to win option is so ridiculously over priced it chases the paying type of players away. Drops are crap so the free loaders find a game that gives them that need. 

Most people who have it all are people who have been here since 2014 or earlier. Back then it took 3 months of no life to max out. Now that same effort gets you about 18%

The devs are sop focused on ways to nerf the vets. The should focus on undoing some of these progression nerfs. They got it backwards. They are hurting the newer players much more.

Not much sense made here, I am poor at explaining things. I hope someone gets it.

I would differentiate complaining (as in, just naming things that are annoying emotionally) and criticizing (as in, talking about things that are worth a change)


yes, every game has complaining at some level

no, not every game has this much critique at every level


yes sometimes nothing a dev does helps and a game cant rise in popularity

no, these devs have not done everything, instead they excused their behaviour and did the same stuff over and over (some of us patience since 2013)


yes, some things are done fundamentally wrong

no, not everything is bad, sometimes some things are quite good


yes, if another player has better stuff than i do, and i cant reach it or work to reach it, things get frustrating

no, nobody really quits a game for good just because a player has better skill, especially not if he beats you with the same or even worse things you have


yes, it is frustrating if you get steamrolled by the other team

no, the game does not get better if it tries to keep away stronger players or teamplay from you, because you dont learn; challenge creates growth.


yes, some new content should be added to a game frequently to keep it interesting

no, new content does not have to invalidate old content, or completely reinvent the wheel, otherwise the new content is not enriching the game, it is just adding on top of it


 even those who criticize things, love this game, otherwise they would just go away;

not saying that some are not complaining just to get attention. but that is easy to spot.

and while it is true, that sometimes nostalgia makes us think the past was better, in this game its not just nostalgia.


complaining about people complaining is also just complaining.

4 hours ago, xXThunderFlameXx said:

and hype Star Citizen

hyping star citizen is so 2015.


17 hours ago, g4borg said:

hyping star citizen is so 2015.


Uhmm you meant Scammed Citizen, right???

3 hours ago, DrDeath_ScD said:

Uhmm you meant Scammed Citizen, right???

AC is still pretty fun ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

6 hours ago, DrDeath_ScD said:

Uhmm you meant Scammed Citizen, right???

I don’t find Citizen is a scam, no.

They document what they do quite openly anyway.

Technically it’s a very solid project.

Papy is working on … some type of … a steely dan   ![:blink:](< base_url >/uploads/emoticons/blink.gif “:blink:”) ![:dntknw:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/dntknw.gif “:dntknw:”)

I think g4borg has a good point (from one of his other posts) that this game would thrive on “less is more” … I think this game is grown so complicated , even the devs cannot balance it out any more … they seem to be ‘lost in variables’ ![:dntknw:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/dntknw.gif “:dntknw:”)

16 hours ago, g4borg said:

I don’t find Citizen is a scam, no.

They document what they do quite openly anyway.

Technically it’s a very solid project.

I was kinda joking. Up to $20,000 for the maxed out package. I guess here it’s kind of the same. Maybe worse, because you don’t know what you are getting with the Scam crates.

On 10/27/2017 at 11:25 PM, DrDeath_ScD said:

I was kinda joking. Up to $20,000 for the maxed out package. I guess here it’s kind of the same. Maybe worse, because you don’t know what you are getting with the Scam crates.

that like 0.0025% drop chance on that Gold Dragon paint job though, sitting at like $5 per crate lol