The need of a better patch deployment

Hey guys, hi Devs.

After the recent addition of the 2nd Race and also a lot of new ships, i guess its time to overthink the current patching. Currently we download all files again, causing to download ~1GB of Data. But most players, like me too, have a download speed about 150kb/s leaving us to download a patch in 2-3h.

So i really like to get a patcher that is downloading the changed files and implements it into the game. This way we save most of the time downloading and stop flooding your traffic.

Also by making the game open Beta the increase of players will force you to do so or many players will stop playing for the horrible long time to download a patch. Currently we have something about 200 active players. Imagine 2k or even more trying to download a recent patch at the same time. :008j:

So we need a better way to deploy patches!

They have to put a direct download system, currently I suspect that it uses some kind of terrible P2P system that absorbs all your bandwidht and that would be the reason it is so slow. Limiting the upload speed with an external program works fine for me.

1 GB is nothing, Blizzard lets you download the whole WoW Beta client (16GB) on big updates. But I agree, they need to offer some options like disable P2P and offer a direct download.