The marathon “Crimson Haze” continues!



Pilots! UMC reports that the pursuit of the Ze’Ta Destroyer cabin is in full swing! At the moment, the maximum completed level of the mission “Crimson Haze” is 29! 


The results of the contest will be announced on January 31! 


We remind you, that all mercenaries who successfully complete the PvE mission “Operation Crimson Haze” at the highest difficulty level* recorded by the UMC engineers on January 31 will receive the cabin of the destroyer “Ze’Ta”. All pilots who reach the 20th level of difficulty will receive a reward of 1000 GS.


[Contest rules](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/38150-crimson-haze-complete-the-mission-and-get-the-%E2%80%9Czeta%E2%80%9D-destroyers-cabin-and-1000-gs/)


UMC also reminds you that a special gift has been prepared for all pilots:

  • All players who have spent more than 1000 hours in the game will receive a unique animated pattern“New Year 2019”, as well as patterns“New Year’s Fireworks” and “Festive”.
  • All players who have spent from 100 to 1000 hours in the game will get a unique pattern “New Year’s Fireworks” and a pattern “Festive”.
  • All players who spent less than 100 hours in the game will receive a unique “Festive” pattern.

The gifts will be automatically issued to player accounts on January 31! 


Star Conflict Team