The last opportunity to purchase DLC “Star Conflict – Mauler”

Pilots! “Star Conflict – Mauler” set will become unavailable from November 25 – be in time to buy it at a 60% discount!


This pack includes

  • Unique frigate ‘Mauler’ (Rank 13 Jericho);
  • ‘Fire Wave’ — 30 days of premium subscription.


Frigate ‘Mauler’ is the most unusual project of Jericho. Excellent combination of ship role features, modifications, and bonuses makes it the most powerful ship in the line of frigates. Power core is so massive that connection and heatsinks pass through the whole ship, causing it to glow with an inner light. Originally developed as a flagship for the higher circle of Jericho. According to rumours, it was the only ship to escape the Federation’s ambush in ‘Corsa Triama.’



Star Conflict Team