The last opportunity to purchase DLC “Star Conflict – Cutter”

Pilots! “Star Conflict – Cutter” set will become unavailable from 29 October – be in time to buy it at a 60% discount!




This set includes:

  • Unique interceptor “Cutter” (Rank 12 Jericho);
  • “Mercenary Contract” – 15 days of premium subscription…


This set is an independent development of Technologists. After the careful examination of the ships “Sawtooth” and “Blood Tormentor”, a scaled-down prototype of an enhanced cooler was reconstructed, it was equipped with a quite powerful and small engine. In 4612, the construction was completed and the first models of Cutter were tested.


The result surpassed everyone`s expectations. The armament of “Cutter” is powered by energy at a tremendous speed, that is often unavailable to similar interceptors. On the whim of developers, the ship design was done extremely aggressively and defiantly. The first enemies, who met “Cutter”, were surprised so much by the layout of the interceptor, that after the battle swore they were attacked by the space insects.


At the moment, an enormous fleet of Cutter is in service of the Enclave, and the engineers of the Mercenary Center are producing weakened versions because of the lack of full information about the ship. The attempts to invade the piratic version of the ship ended in failures and extirpation of the assault group.