The Journal

Pilots! We’ve received the journal of UMC technician Ivan Kim, it contains information about the incident on Naberia, Ydra-system. Some details of this story are still hidden from us, however, we can’t keep it in secret anymore. We strictly recommend you to read this story and formulate your own conclusions. 

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Um… is his thing working? Ahem… Ivan Kim, junior UMC technician speaking. I am recording an audio log on the orders of expedition. First entry. Today… is October 30, year 4023. We have arrived in Ydra system and have set into orbit. The complex three-nine-two is now right beneath our feet. And what a sight it is! Snow caps on collapsed rocks and lava flowing through the cracks down below. Somewhere between the cold and the heat, the intricate structures of the plant stand still. It shimmers with lights. The automatics must be still working after the evacuation. Kramer, our engineer, reports that the magmatic power station is running, and complex, as they say, is ‘live’. Launching scout drones. Preparing the descent.

Second entry. Carrying out a visual inspection of the complex corridors. Scout drones have already been here… everything’s clear… only in terms of danger. The floor and walls are covered with dust. Air purification system is offline and everything that used to be collected by the filters is now settled on the walls. It seems my colleagues are already jealous that I grabbed a life support suit from New Eden. We’re deploying our HQ in the mess hall… (interferences)

Chief staff initiated a roll-call. Four were missing. Kramer was among them.

Fourth entry. Ventilation system is back on. Air samples are within the norm. Someone have already shed their suits. I’ll wait. More than a hundred chemicals are used in the production of the fuselage alone… (interferences)


Entry number… five, I think… (interferences)… Kramer is back. It was he who started up the ventilation system. But now there isn’t enough energy for the lights… (interferences)…  We spend ten minutes each hour sitting in the dark. The children suffer more than anyone else. Someone said… (interferences)…  Yet the command has put up guard posts. Good thing we took a couple of soldiers with us… (interferences)


Um… so… this is an emergency message… (interferences)…  our transport ship has been downed in orbit. We were attacked by unidentified ships. I repeat: we were attacked! This is Naberia-392, Ydra system. This is UMC Recon Squad, junior technician Ivan Kim. Requesting fire support… (interferences)


Seventh entry… nah, what does it matter anyway. The attackers couldn’t break through the defence of the station… (interferences)…  I plan to leave the HQ and start drilling the hangar gates… (interferences)…  to leave this damn station.


Two more killed… I never even knew their name… (interferences)…  today, I noticed one of the missing scientists… (interferences)…   And the spot where he’d been sitting, it had a red spot… that’s stupid but… it looked like he’d been eating raw meat.

(Sounds of heavy breathing)… he attacked me! Jumped me from behind! I didn’t know what to do! It was self-defense! Damn… damn… (interferences)…  He was wearing a scientist’s uniform… he still had his glasses, but his skin was grey, swollen with blisters, and the eyes… I’m going back to HQ. I have to get out of here… (interferences)

If someone can hear me. Stay away from the shipyard of Naberia! The station is infected… (interferences)… Those who were part of our expedition are either dead or turned into biomorphs… (interferences)… Engineer Kramer … (interferences)… is a traitor.

This is UMC technician Ivan Kim. My legs are shattered from the explosion, ribs are broken too… (interferences)… phaser is dead from overheating. My suit seems to be intact… (interferences)… Before the explosion, I saw Kramer. He walked among them… (interferences)… as if a prophet or a messiah… the shepherd of this terrible flock… (interferences)…, his pale skin covered… (interferences)… with ancient runes. Miraculously, I crawled to the ship. Let’s hope the autopilot… (interferences)… This is the final message.