The Great Matchmaking Poll - Tier 1

Please answer this question honestly. If you no-longer fly tier 1, then feel free to vote based on what you would want if you were to fly T1 again, or what you feel would be the fairest for T1.


Gaijin claims that certain changes, such as fixed tiers, would cause increased queue times. However, for now I’d like you to ignore that and assume that there would be no change to the queue time - simply vote based on what you feel is most fair.


An index of parts:


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I think +/- rank is the most acceptable to me.  BUT if the +/- 2 ranks actually worked as Antibus claimed, this would be acceptable to me as well, even if still unbalanced.


I think the best way to fix queue balancing is to force players to only have 1 ship in the hanger at a time.  That way its a simple matter of balancing on rank and role for the MM queue.  Gameplay modes and such would have to be revisited as well.

I miss my favourite option as Rank 2: Rank 1-2.

And Rank 3: Rank 3+ (well if you bring T2 along in a squad thats your own risk)

Since all I really miss is a fixed barrier between T2 and T3, to keep T2 clean of T3.

There is little knowledge yet with T4-T5 in T3 matches.

I dont think bringing in 1-4 ships is an issue, I would not want people to fly the same ship all the time, that makes rigged matches, you cannot change. It would be even worse that way, tactically. Since usually you either are focused more if you got 4 ships or dont even deplete it before you lose in Realistic, it does not really make a big difference there either. Also, you could once get all 3 starting fighters pretty soon, so you had 3 ships from the start.