The game's grinding

This. This is the biggest issue the game hase. I peronally love SC, is a really good game and I personnaly enjoy playing it I have over 500 hours on it. But, the grinding, the flipping grinding, it dose ruin the game a lot. idk how often you guys get this request, but please, I beg of you makin the grinding more easy. Because SC is starting to transform in a grinding simulator, and no one likes grinding. So please, do someting to make the grinding more easy. like more credits from pve. and one more thing, that did change the game a lot in a very bad way, is the wepons. Now that we are able to buy just 1 weapon for each class does ruin the game more, so pls, bring bak the buyable weapons. or make them buyable with xenopoints and keep the xenopints as a permanent resource. Please guys and girls. SC is a good game . so please do the stuff i toled you would make the game good again and SC will be even a better game.

thank you for taking your time on reading this post! i hope it will make some game changes


well… perso, i’m tired to grind  and run for all, so, i left little by little all i don’t want anymore, and it become to be a lot…and i’m like you, i love sc, but now, it’s too much.

my game : 1 ops

                  1 co op

                  1 pve

and some open space.