The Future of Sector Conquest

Quoted from this discussion: [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19502-iin-issue-18-30-on-46130501/)




  1. Sector Conquest is going to be re-ballanced. (possibly through limiting the number of battles a corporation can participate in per day)

no, Corp members will only be able to participate in a specific battle for its period (12-24 hours) One to Three times (undecided)



Here is what I predict is going to happen if they try to balance Sector Conquest in this manner.


  1. Corporation members will fly their designated number of rounds until they are used up.


  1. Members will then leave their corporation, align themselves with their corporation’s preferred nation (Jericho, Empire, or Federation) and continue to fly an unlimited number of times as independent pilots to continue influencing the outcome of the sector.


  1. When the next sector comes up for attack, these pilots will re-join their corporation to fight their designated number of rounds before repeating the entire cycle all over again.


Limiting the number of times a corporation can deploy is not going to balance this mode. Stop punishing success and commitment and start providing positive incentives (like better rewards) in the areas you want to increase player activity.


Check out this thread [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19552-how-to-make-sector-conquest-mean-something/) The original poster has a good thing going.

So… you’re a big fan of loyalty to corporations, of corporations being made bigger and stronger, and your automatic response to this news is to assume everyone will abandon corporations to play on behalf of other corps, thereby muddying the waters and making it harder overall for their desired corporation to gain territory?


Am I missing something really obvious here, because what you’re saying seems to go against what you typically say about corporations and their members.

Also, easy to stop that (highly theoretical expoit): Force a 1 day timeout until one can re-join any corporation after leaving one.


That kind of restraint is used in many games, to avoid corporation / guild / clan jumping (for what ever reason).