The fourth combat slot

For a few weeks now, I have been leveling up in Jericho to get to rank 12.  The highest ship I have presently is 9, but I was leveling up Jericho instead of switching to another faction to get that fourth slot.  I would have gotten it this week if it weren’t for the 0.9.0 patch.  It’s been asked, and ignored, did I just waste weeks of leveling up for nothing?


I know factions mean nothing right now except some ship variety, and what to do to get Mk.III modules.  You don’t even need to change factions to level up as far as I can tell.  I could have T3 in all factions if I knew this change was coming.  Instead, I worked on the fourth combat slot.  Am I really expected to go from less than a week away for four slots, to having to dealing with synergy in T4 for who knows how many months?  To me, it’s not worth the $10 that the gold standards costs.  I was working on getting it, costing myself Empire levels and Federation levels.

Mmm when I bought the 4th combat slot I was rank 10 if I remember correctly. And it’s true because today I reached rank 12 with Jericho and I’m like rank 9 on Fed and rank 6 on Empire, and I bought the 4th slot a looooooooooong time ago.

Anyone can buy it.  Before it was free when you reached rank 12 with any faction.

Right now I guess when you see that 4th slot thats when you know that player is either RANKED as indicated over 10 :slight_smile: or big time GS PAYEE…

I was wondering the same thing as I noticed I may be one of the few in the battle with 4 slots at times. (Specially in the lower tiers)

If you buy a rank 12 ship, the 4th slot will unlock.

Getting to rank 12 is now harder than before. I’m so glad I grinded my way up there a month or so ago. Back then you could do it within a few days with license and in whatever ship you liked as long as it was T3 (just make sure to take a break now and then or you’d probably go mad). Now you need to play T4 to get it. Unless you’re lucky to have bought a Katana S, then you can level that to synergy 9 and jump 3 ranks to the level 12 Lance S.

As ever, ship tree madness.

Thanks for the tip, I do have a Katana S.

At the moment there seems to be a bug on the 4th slot so some players may not unlock it.

We are already working on a fix.