The first Baron's Grand Prix has concluded


The first Baron's Grand Prix has concluded and all the loot from the Ellydium barge has been divided between the best Star Conflict League teams. 

As a result of play-off games based on the ladder, eight teams were invited to participate in ‘Grand Prix’:

●     Ninja (captain Gladiator)

●     Tricolor Hawks (captain Sonic89)

●     DNO (captain Mzhelskii)

●     Null (captain heblember)

●     botbl (captain NEYTRON)

●     Still Alive (captain SeraX)

●     Dojo (captain Idoneis)

●     Batman and Others (captain Illustrios)



Already in the first round of the lower grid Still Alive surprised everyone and defeated the young and promising Dojo. No such sensation happened in the upper grid - Ninja and DNO reached the finals without any problems.

The Italian team Tricolor Hawks grabbed the headlines in the game against botbl , by earning a victory in a tense confrontation literally in the last seconds of the game, while being down on the destroyed ships. We strongly recommend to watch the last minute of the third round in person — the Italian team’s maneuver deserves attention. On the following game day Null team thought the same, applying the exact same tactics to Tricolor Hawks and winning the second round in less than two minutes. Thus, the Italians took fourth place and now deservedly can be considered one of the best teams in Star Conflict.

The finals of the upper grid saw two principal rivals Ninja and DNO , who have not met since the test season, facing off. Ninjas   were determined to take revenge for the defeat. They succeeded without problems: 2-0 and DNO went to conquer the finals of the bottom of the grid where they defeated Null and reached the super finals.

Another final and another match against Ninja , which has already become a classic of the big tournaments. This time the teams played in the format of the ‘best of five rounds’, and tension was expected in each of them. But the pressure, teamwork and positional game of Ninja and Gladiator really shone and, as a result, 3-0, dry and unconditional victory of new champions.

The teams are already exchanging tokens received for participation and victory in battles for prizes from the Baron. Titles and colouring schemes will soon find their deserved owners…


The new season will begin with a complete reset of the table. Including the Elites. The first draft to the updated Baron Elite will be held on September 26 when the top six teams will enter based on results of the games in automatic ladders in SCL.

The Baron is already in preparation for the main December SCL event and already has prepared some good containers, the contents of which will be directly connected to the large winter update.

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