The federation is preparing a retaliatory strike



Leaders of the Federation and UMC are extremely concerned about the increased strength of Ellydium corporation. In retaliation, all pilots are offered the opportunity to obtain the necessary resources to build a rank 14 destroyer ‘Sirius’ in the shortest possible time.


Every day, by completing the Broker’s special mission players will be able to receive 12 units of impure neodium as a reward.

You can get valuable resources for construction of destroyers in post-battle trophy search on ships of the following ranks:

  • Ranks 8-11 — a chance to get Beryllium
  • Rank 11 — increased chance to get Beryllium 
  • Ranks 14-15 — a chance to receive Electrum.


New Broker missions


UMC announces the start of special missions, dedicated to building rank 14 destroyers. The Broker has contacted UMC. His employers are interested in the speedy strengthening of rank 14 destroyers. 


  • Conditions of the assignment dictate that the pilot must have destroyers
  • As a reward you will get the valuable resource Destroyer activator required to build rank 14 destroyers…


Star Conflict Team