The Fate of SC, and server emulator project?

Oh man. look at this poor game. what has happened? did they run out of money? is this why we have a downgraded forum site? obviously this game is on life support, that should be obvious to anyone… I made a post similar to this on reddit, but this game has a good fundemental design. and before they added destroyers it was an incredible and balanced experience.

I would hope those of us still around would like to preserve this. As this game nears its end of life, game preservation becomes a serious worry. since this is an online only game, servers getting shut down mean no more star conflict. for anyone.

Unless of course, those of us with programming knowledge get together and begin a private server emulator project. This kind of project is usually pretty successful with old games, and one for star conflict would be quite nice, since we as a community would finally be able to fix many of the design issues deliberately put in by the developers. As a question of legality, existing precedent seems to dictate that a project like this is legal as long as no one is selling anything.

I am willing to start a discord if people are interested, and we can begin the process of capturing packets while we build a team that can re-create a star conflict server. alternatively, the devlopers could just give us server code once they shut down the game, but i imagine that wont happen since ive never seen a company do such a thing.


This thing has been obvious for years to be honest - but I agree that the latest series of careless FUs to the playerbase are quite noticeable. The problem they probably have at hand is, that due to poor quality of service towards players and tendencies to monetize absolutelly everything - be it a pass, new ship or i don’t know what (just look at pirate weapons and their availability) - they are running out of money. Ironic isn’t it ? It is blatantly obvious that this game is being milked and dried to the bone, coz there’s not much that they can (or want to) do at this moment - Star Conflict is a side project almost since it started (looking at you Warthunder). And the ongoing problems with war between you know who don’t make this any easier. But even then - even if players DO want to help and their suggestions actually ARE beneficial, it is mostly completelly ignored from a simple standpoint - changes/patches/fixes reflect their economic merit, not their gameplay impact. So this game is just destined to fail, hence why I for instance ultimatelly stopped playing it for good.

Well, I have mixed feelings about that - I love the concept of the availability of destroyers as a deployable ship but the execution of this concept has been handled recklessly with no futuristic vision. Those ships are great, but at the same time should be incredibly limited, harder to get (and not just by blatant recycled OS missions, but by some truly immersive experience that would make you want to play in the first place) and handled, for example, as a 5th extra ship in its own category - then you can balance it separatelly and even restrict it (dessies per team count, firepower, complete restriction etc.). But nah, this requires attention, care, time and actually desire to do it. But it ain’t economical, game nets more, when one half of the players b**ches and the other half pays vigorously, right… So not really, destroyers would be a great addition if they were handled completelly differently. The state they are in now, yep, it is horrible, that we can agree on (but don’t get me wrong, there are TONS of ships that work in a certain way that they shouldn’t work in, not just destroyers).

This might not be doable at all, no matter if you are/are not selling game services coz rights. I am absolutelly convinced, that rights for Star Conflict will remain firmly in Targem’s grasp without any ideas of letting it go (even in terms of a deal). BUT, if by some miraculous intervention this was to pass, yeah, I for one would offer a hand in resurrecting it for sure (in a time-limited way of course). Afterall look at Battleforge for instance (now known as Skylords Reborn) - that game had a similar fate.

By all means I support this errand of yours, but at the moment you are facing a question of an eventuality, that you can never get an answer to until it truly happens - it could be another set of months/years before this game finally gives out - just look for how long it is been in the air that SC is gonna die. And after that, oh boy, good luck with getting anything out of the developers team :smiley:

Its totally doable from a legality standpoint, nothing here infringes on any rights. the first step is to capture server packets of course, which MUST be done while the game still has live servers. so if i find a few people in these replies with programming knowledge and the desire, ill begin a discord server so that we can get started. but we HAVE to get started a few years before shutdown, or there is no hope of a resurrection when it does die