The efficiency in Spec Ops?

Here are a few cases that need fixing, imho, very fast. And I’m curious why the devs don’t care about this.

  1. playing an Engineer in Spec Ops (mostly Defiler and Destroyer) gives you 0 (zero!) efficiency. Think about it: you can be a very good engi player, you help others with destroyers and gunships, they deal a lot more damage thanks to YOU, the engi! Yet, they get all the credits and you get a big, fat zero! Why? Where’s the logic in that? Imagine the other case, you refuse to heal the players who deal the most damage, you heal the weaker ones, the strong ones die, respawn … in a while and the S.O. will take longer or the team will simply loose it. All in all, a good engi imho should be in the top 3-5 of that team.

  2. similar problem for a tackler. You can get a really good tackler, to reduce the resists by 50-60 points. That’s a LOT of help for your team. If you test playing a tackler and ONLY project a target painter on the Defiler, at the end you’ll also get a big, fat zero efficiency. Why is something like this rewarded with nothing?! It doesn’t make sense! On a funny side, if you play a recon and capture 5-6-7 beacons you get some efficiency points, not zero. But the task is similar, so why does a recon get points and a tackler no?!

The only exception here is the Crystal Infiltrator from Taikin. When you put it on the Defiler (or the cores of the Destroyer), you get into the top 5 efficiency. But why is this the only way?

  1. ECMs and covert-ops share the same problem. I understand here firepower matters, but hey, the support ships matter too, they simply can’t get zero efficiency.


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I like to play as a support, even when the team needs DPS I equip something that help the team too. And, what can I say about Star Conflict? It’s hard to see many hard work is not worth for. Usually I am the lastest of the scoreboard despite the fast regeneration from WL Emmiter, modules and Waz’Got’s Battlestation.

In my experience, I recommend playing as support only in squad, to make sure that you will win with someone flying some meta ship, like Ibis.