The Drone Carrier

Carriers, are similiar to destroyers, but they will have weaker main guns and rely mostly on their drones/fighters. There will be nine carriers you can unlock totally, and each faction aside from ellydium has three of them. Each carrier is a bit bulkier and as long as a destroyer, their slow speed and manuverbility like destroyers, can be made up for their strong shields and hulls. However carriers differ in styles with the destroyer, take a look why.


There will be three rank tiers you can unlock carriers at: 7, 10, 13.


Carrier’s Special Fighter Bay Module (Chosen during construction): 


Note: All Special Modules change the appearance of the carrier’s fighter bay.


1# Federation “Engineering Drones”: Will have up to 10 drones, each heal the carrier and nearby allies, dangerous in large numbers and extremely evasive, speedy, and manuverable. However their firepower and health are low and are easily compromised by ECMs and AoE weapons. Pressing “F” will send an equal amount of drones to heal all allies for 25 sec. within a 3k radius by 100 PTS a second per drone before returning back to the ship 30 seconds later.


Module Recharge Time: 60s


Limit of Drones: 10

Drone Production: One drone per 20 seconds.


2# Jericho “Mini-Cruisers”: Will have up to four frigates, each have light torpedoes and two Mass Driver Turrets. Frigates have strong shields and firepower, however they have slow speed and hulls. Pressing “F” will activate the frigates to use long-range torpedoes if the user has locked on to a target.


Module Recharge Time: 60s


Limit of Frigates: 4


Frigate Production Time: 35s


3# Imperial “Aurora Fighters”: Specially designed fighters using the latest of engine, hull protection, and weapon technology. Fighters have high firepower and hull, moderate speed and manuverbility, but they have no shields and are susceptible to laser and EM weaponry. Press “F” to give the fighters 150 Pts to all type of damage for 10 seconds and regenerate their hull by 500 pts over 3 seconds.


Module Recharge Time: 60s


Fighter Limit: 6


Fighter Production: 27.5s



Active Modules:



Carrier Command Station: 


Description: Similiar to a phase shield on guard frigates, except it commands your fighters to defense, offense, and scatter. Defense: Your fighters will target the enemy that is closest or dealing the most damage. Offense: Deals damage to the strongest enemy. Scatter: Fighters will take evasive action and attack any enemy.


Energy consumption: None


Recharge: 2 Seconds


Module Health: 8000 Pts


Module Shield: 1500 Pts



Missile Turret: Adds two missile turrets to the carrier, upon activation, missile turrets will begin to fire at enemies and deal thermal damage. Damage decreases with repeated hits to the same enemy.


Energy Consumption: 200 per missile.


Active Time: 30 Seconds


Recharge: 60 Seconds


Health (per turret): 5000 pts



Orbital Satellite: Upon Activation, a satellite is deployed circling the carrier. The satellite fires at enemys, dealing thermal damage and heals fighters by 100 pts a second per fighter in a 1k range.


Satellite Health: 3000 Pts


Satellite Shields: 500 Pts


Orbit speed: 40m/s


Recharge: 40 Secs


Energy Consumption: 2500 


Active Time: Until Destroyed



I don’t expect this to get added, beware of this, I maybe was thinking too far, but I heard some people wanted carriers, so I’m putting this out there not for the pleasure of feedback, but for those people who have to switch to EVE online or whatevs.






No drone carriers or any carriers please…

It would basically result in even more autoaim in a game that is already filled to the brim with autoaim :confused:

On[December 11](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/35322-the-imagination-of-the-ellydium-destroyer/&do=findComment&comment=414643)[@CinnamonFake](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/257821-cinnamonfake/) said:


Really good ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”) By the way, we’re thinking about doing destroyer design contest again


Imho, I recognize Orca’s reservations, however Imho I’d say: Its an idea that come up from time to time ![:good:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/good.gif “:good:”)

A super-frigate, sup-destroyer carrier class I see with mixed feelings. Maybe destroyers are already too big for SC?


To me drones are the domain of Federation engineer frigates, (guided) missiles are the domain of Jericho guard frigates, and supression by kinetic flak is the domain of Empire long range frigates.


I would like to see more dedicated anti-destroyer weapons in this class of frigates! It would render massive destroyer nerfs obsolyte!


I suggest:

#1 dedicated : [Drone/Missile/Flak Frigates 2.0](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/35448-dronemissileflak-frigates-20/) modules (aren’t they supposed to be on rework queue status?)



They will only consider add a new class after release Ellydium and “Unique Ships” destroyers.

The 238 ships can’t be perfectly balanced. And do you suggest a new one?  ![:):](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/).png “:):”)