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NASA vs WPK: the revenge?


Mmmm…OH! I got an idea. CORP + WPK vs NASA. 

On other hand i am very glad to see a shift in your corporation towards more game understanding, even though you have a long way ahead, I am curious how it will pays out, and wish you luck on this road. If you have any questions regarding game mechanics dont hesitate to ask me or in Ships/Balance section, we are always ready to help


This has been our recruit page for a long time. I recently edited it a tiny bit, but the edits were mostly just officer names, and more specific behavior rules. I appreciate the gesture of good faith. 

Really I would like official links for how the developers intend for us to use the mechanics. As I find them, I incorporate them into my main post. I understand the constant changes may make it hard to keep up with. 

My main focus in this game for the moment is maxing out our ships, and increasing players skill ratings. Second most important thing is sector conquest. Territory is the ultimate goal. 


Mmmm…OH! I got an idea. CORP + WPK vs NASA. 


As far as a tournament, the stats in the leader boards serve the purpose of where we all stand. My Pve Post would be a great way for the dev’s to bring out the dreadnoughts.

Then we could have corp vs corp battles. [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22186-maps-black-wood-pvp-maps-to-add-in-the-rotation/)

Problem with that is; having the right people on at the right time. We have a lot of super good players, but we also have a lot of people still learning the game.

Either way a new battle ground is in much need.  :Dwop 


We have good relationship with ESB players, we just feel really bad when they have to be matched with pilots like those from your corporation, and its 10x harder for them to do anything good in a game.

I have met a lot of [CORP] players anywhere from T2 to T5 Sec Con, since time your corp got a “reputation” and your tag was kinda “memorable”. I do NOT remember a SINGLE above average player with [CORP] tag. Most of them not even an “average”. You never bothered before who you invite or investing into training/ educating (well if there is no one who can share a knowledge it is understandable) and this is why you are what you are right now. It is been months since all this “outrage” feces throwing at each other but still, every time i see [CORP] I either think - “i wonder if they can do better than bots this time” or “oh crap, i have to do 10x time more to compensate for each [CORP] member on my team”


Probably should’ve win more battles on your own and not just get carried by SYNs

You should really start by finding some one and push him to learn this game, how it works, balance, how to PROPERLY build every ship role and maybe some basic knowledge on squad synergy and than having him educating and run seminars within your corporation.


Nearly every player in my corp has a 1100 or better rating with at least or near 2.0 kills per battle, and 4.0 assist. Many of them a lot better then me, and rated 1300 to 1400. I spend a lot of time trying to explain things to my members to help improve score and synergy increases. This post seem to be a bit on the trolling side of things, with false good will to hide the fact its just an insult. Forgive me if I am wrong, but that’s how it sounds.

Mmmm…OH! I got an idea. CORP + WPK vs NASA. 


All of my nope

A lot of the CORP players I’ve seen in PvP still aren’t that good.  There are exceptions, and a lot seem to be doing PvE.  It’s kind of sad to farm PvE for synergy.  I got tired of it and I just deal with farming free synergy with premiums.  American T4 and T5 could be alive if it wasn’t for everyone sticking to PvE.  On the other hand, seeing CORP players in PvE isn’t too scary because of all the farming everyone’s doing.  I’ve noticed an improvement in CORP’s average skill, but maybe that just because you zerged anyone who’d get in the game and some people turned out to become good players and not jump ship.

Link to Corp vs Corp battle settings here. Not sure if it will catch on or how many problems it may have, but we all should give it a shot, instead of trolling each other here.


[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22228-corp-vs-corp-battles-basic-template/)


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Looks like I can’t get anyone to join any of the matches, so this corp on corp battle plan is a bust. Both because I can’t get my hardly any of my members to join, as well as the other corp who challenged me.

I was able to get one member in, but I was not able to get anyone else to show. I have had the room open 3 days in a row after the 9pm eastern when sector conquest ends.


If you want to do something, post a time about 3 or more days in advance. Make sure you specify what time zone. I am in eastern time zone -5:00 gmt

I will try to arrange something, but i can’t promise I will be able to convince anyone to play without rewards.


I am losing interest again in this game, I need new content. Maps in particular. And lower que times.

So, set it for Saturday or Sunday. I’m sure people have a lot more free time over the weekend.

Remember kostyan, i used to be one.

Above average pilot.

That’s why you’re in NASA now.

So many good players from My Corp go to nasa and wolf pack, and a few other highly competitive corps its just funny you guys say we have no good pilots.

I will always stick my code of honor. I will never solicit to invite a player who has a corp. I just find that poor sportsmanship.

Even with all the trolling I have experienced, I still remain true to my code of honor. 

I will defend these guys. Bashing of them is just wrong. Many are 1300 to high 1400 rated players, few even higher. Its so saddening to see some of them go.

Eventually I hope they come back, because these members help me teach my other members better tactics.

I am grateful for the loyalty of the members who stayed true to the corp and its cause.


If not for all this corp trolling, many of my best members probably would still be with us. I have high hopes for my new recruits, and I hope they remain loyal.

Btw as long as players like SoulEater9 going around making fool of himself and other players still bringing T1 ships into T4 games, no one is going to take your corp seriously.

And Kaiju.  DSR means nothing for understanding.


The only decent officer I’ve seen is BlueSea but he’s starting to get annoying with the chat during the battle.  It’s good to see teamwork and communication but most don’t want a general they don’t know.

And Kaiju.  DSR means nothing for understanding.


The only decent officer I’ve seen is BlueSea but he’s starting to get annoying with the chat during the battle.  It’s good to see teamwork and communication but most don’t want a general they don’t know.


I don’t want to be mean but he just sits behind a Mobile Barrier with his Styx sticking on an asteroid every game, lucky you if you are in his auras’ range.

I looked at the first post again.  The first sentence sounds bad and starts the rest off on a bad foot.  It’s poor advertisement.  I’m a little surprised you’ve spent so much on the game yet haven’t set up a cheap hosting service for forums or at least static pages.  The officer’s section should not be on the general forums IMO.


Anyway, talk to your members and try to find the ones who are committed to your corp and actually skilled beyond rank and DSR but actual understanding.  You have enough committed members to help bring CORP to a reasonable level of dominance.  As a side note, listen to them since your stats could use a bump.


A better logo wouldn’t hurt, and the devs reopened the corp logo submission.


CORP > AGNI at least, AGNI’ll recruit the lowest DSR pilots in the game.

I have been trying to think of a logo, but I am having a hard time finding a good symbol. I need some ideas. 





We require more Ovelords

Spawn more Overlords

Fixed  :004j:

Fixed  :004j:


Did you just correct me damned human   Spawn_More_Overlords_Screen.png

Did you just correct me damned human   Spawn_More_Overlords_Screen.png

I have been a loyal servant of the Overmind (xxxx the Queen of Blades) since 1997. Trust me when I say that I have heard that line thousands of times XD.


Along with “we require more minerals” and “we require more vespene gas”