The best race

My English is not very good. I’m new to the game, and which have the disadvantage of race and what I want to know what the advantage. For example, Jericho shield as well. Disclose the reason I’d love to.

IMO: Train all races to rank 2. Try all the ship roles. See which roles you like. Continue with the race that gives those roles.

Beware though, things change at rank 4 when you get T2 modules, so what seems like a good idea at rank 2 *might* not be so much to your liking at rank 4.

Jericho is good, but the best I have tried Roles empire federation could not decide the best we have?

I’d go with Fed or Emp Origins, Fed for the money to better facilitate purchasing the 3 battle duration buffs, Empire for the 1% damage, the only proactive origin buff of them all [without being able to be completely used up] so the one you’ll get the most use out of. And trust me with weapons hitting above 200+ dps you’ll be happy for that 1%.


2% shield/hull isn’t keeping you alive any longer, 2% missiles just straight blows.


It’s obvious, man. You wanna be part of the 1% :).


As for ship types, Empire has for their focu slower types of ships that swivel with fast rotation, low shields, high hull, and a focus on high damage. They specialize in Recon, Gunships, and Long Range Frigate’s, and have the best of those types made for their roles. Their contract weapons are Lasers, subbing into EM


Federation focuses on slightly below average shield and hull, both generally being the same or close to it, with high strafing speed and movement speed in general. They’re average damage, buffed up decently by their tacklers and interceptors, and focus on Covert Ops, Tacklers, and Engineers, generally having the best of their ship type for their max rank on the tier as well. Their contract weapons are Plasma subbing into Kinetic


Jericho focuses on average movement speed, not excelling in anything to do with it, but putting up a decent show. Huge shields that dwarf their hulls normally, along with a focus on shield centric themes. In general a passive you’ll see come up often for them is something like reduced spread or increased shot speed for their guns, or firing rate of missiles [which is lame]. They focus on Electronic Countermeasure, Command, and Guard as their ships, with Railguns as their contract weapons, subbing into Thermal.