The Arkh [Ship]

Name: The FH-219-X ‘Arkh’

Type: Factionless Cargo Ship (Only usable in Open Space)

Rank: 15

Shield volume: 120,000pts

Shield regen: 1,000pts

Hull volume: 450,000pts

Energy volume: 38,500pts

Energy regen: 975pts/s

Speed: 175m/s

AB Speed: 250m/s

AB Energy consumption: 1,175pts/s

Engine mods: 2

Capacitor mods: 2

Shield mods: 2

Hull mods: 3

CPU mods: 3

Cargo slots: 16

Ship effect:

     ‘Arkh Drones’

     After not taking damage for over 10 seconds, one drone with 700pts hull is released every 15 seconds for a max of 8 drones. The drones each repair the hull by 500pts/s. The drones can be sent to collect cargo that the user indicates by pressing the interact key. They fly at 300m/s and only off-load cargo once they return to the ship. Max send-off range of 4,000m.


Ship has no primary wepaon turrets.

Engines and capacitor can be destroyed just like a destroyer. Cargo bay can be targeted and for every 15,000 damage done to it, it will detonate and eject one piece of cargo.

Ship instead has 6 mounts for equipment. 2 passive equipments and 4 active.


Active Modules:

Name: The A.L. Drive

Type: Active Module for the Arkh

Recharge: 180 seconds

Energy: 20,000pts

Tooltip: Activation opens the map. User can select any sector within 5 gates to jump to for free. Jumping to disconnected sectors costs Iridium and does not use the drive.


Name: Dissector Beam

Type: Active Module for The Arkh

Recharge: 20 seconds

Energy: 1,600pts/s

Duration: 5 seconds

Range: 5,000m

Damage: 4,600pts/s Thermal

Tooltip: Emits a high-intensity mining beam that will break off chunks of large rocks or metal pieces in space for you to collect. Breaks off one chunk every 2 seconds that it is held in place. Does large damage to targets unfortunate enough to get under the beam.


Name: Harpoon

Recharge: 30 seconds

Range: 5,000m

Energy: 12,100pts

Tooltip: Fires a harpoon at the crosshairs. Will drag any piece of debris to you at 900m/s. Also effects ships, but will break after 3 seconds of pulling or if they move behind an object.


Name: Pulsed Radioactive Emission Scanner System (P.R.E.S.S. Module)

Recharge: 18 seconds

Energy: 18,500pts

Tooltip: Activation reveals all items and ships within 5,000m, as well as reveals the location of hidden loot, for 6 seconds. Revealed items and ships are only visible to the user. While active, reduces the hull and shield resistance of the ship by 80pts.


Name: Joule Rockets

Recharge: 2 seconds

Charges in cartridge: 8

Charge reload interval: 8 seconds

Energy: 2,450pts

Damage: 7,275 EM

Blast radius: 200m

Flight range: 9,000m

Flight speed: 2,300m/s

Rotation speed: 70 deg/s

Tooltip: Fires one energy missile per activation. Each missile locks on to the closest target under the crosshairs, and only two missiles can track one target at a time.



Passive Turrets:


Name: AS/AM Turret

Tooltip: A rapid-fire minigun turret with a built-in anti-missile laser system. Deals up to 3,250 Kinetic damage per second after it spins up for 4 seconds. Can take down one missile in a 15deg cone in front of the turret every 3 seconds.


Name: Diverging Heavy Laser Turret

Tooltip: A large laser that slowly tracks targets. Upon laser impact, the beam splits in to up to 4 smaller lasers that deal damage to other targets. Primary laser deals from 1,200-4,000 thermal damage per second to ships depending on size. Smaller lasers each deal only 1,000 thermal damage per second.


Name: Electromagnetic Ravager Cannon

Tooltip: Slowly fires large drone missiles at a target once every 4 seconds. Drone missiles create a massive EMP on impact, disabling ships for 3 seconds and dealing 9,000 EM damage within 800m. If it misses, after flying 4,000m it becomes stationary and fires backwards at targets for 16 seconds. Maximum of 3 drones active. Drones are destroyed after activating EMP.


Name: Additive Shielding Projector

Tooltip: Upon receiving damage, deploys a 75m shield in the direction of the offending ship. As the shield takes damage, grows up to 750m in radius by 75m every 3,000 damage. At this size, once it takes 8,000 damage, it is disabled for 18 seconds.


Name: Reactive Repair Drone Operator

Tooltip: As the ship receives damage, repairs the hull and shield by 700pts/s for each enemy firing upon the ship up to 7,000pts/s.


This is basically real cargo ship.

I would enlarge its cargo bay to 30 or more, but ship would not be able to pick cargo  alone. Some " mining"  ship should load it. 

That would be progress in open space development.

1 hour ago, GatoGrande said:

This is basically real cargo ship.

I would enlarge its cargo bay to 30 or more,

Eh that’s a little large because extended bays exist.

1 hour ago, GatoGrande said:

but ship would not be able to pick cargo  alone. Some " mining"  ship should load it. 

That would be the Arkh drones. The ship itself can’t pick up items. Has to use drones.

1 hour ago, GatoGrande said:

That would be progress in open space development.