Thar'Ga Integrity Bug

I built the Thar’Ga and everything was fine until recently… My integrity after each fights drops to 2/100 and I owe like 200k+ in Exchange just to keep going… I attached a screenshot of the repair cost of each fight.


How many times do you die in a battle?

Once or twice I normally die… it’s the crashing into walls the biggest issue too… I literally will be strafing slowly touch a wall and explode with 20k collision damage…

In short :The more you die the higher your repair bill.

No, this is a bug! 

I died twice today in a fight. Went down to 2/100 integrity and owed 197k in repairs. Before if I died a few times I would go down to 50 maybe 60/100 and owe 10-20k in repairs… This is most defintetly a bug…

AGAIN… A slight bump on a wall and I am insta exploding… This is a bug.