Thar'ga edits that can't be accessed

So I got my thar’ga a few days ago and now I’m trying to rank it up but there’s a problem…some of the ships “edits” in the thatr’gaa tree can’t be accessed or used because they are overlaid by the modules display. How do I use them when I can’t click them because they are under / behind another display that < so far to my attempts > can’t be moved or hidden or circumvented in any way ?


Send it in the bug report section. 


Looks like the UI isn’t “responsive” and won’t fit in your screen. They’ll fix it, but only if you report it. 

full size and cropped screens of it



The Game requires a minimum window size of around 1200px to draw everything correctly or close to correct. I think the ’official’ lowest supported resolution is 1280*720 or so.

1024 / 768 - its in the “Menu > Options > Graphics”

8 hours ago, avarshina said:

1024 / 768 - its in the “Menu > Options > Graphics”

It is in there but not supported afaik