Tharga costs ... marathon?


I did invest in the Tharga, lately, and I spent some 600 xenocrystals.

I was able to develop it to rank 10  - from rank 7 (see: [Thar Ga by Swifter](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/32478-thar-ga-by-swifter/&)).

I had spend like 3-400 Xenocrystals already. That makes c. 1000 Xenocrystals until rank 10.

But the development roundel isn’t researched very much by me at the moment (as one can see below).

Thesis: I guess, to research a Tharga till rank 15 it will cost more than or up to 2000 Xenocrystals inclusive weapons and modules.

Is this correct? How many Monocrystals does it cost? And to research it fully would cost an estimated 4-5000 Xenocrystals? What do you think?

I spend approximately 1500 xeno and I have all the cool stuff unlocked and some stuff that I don’t always use (I swap between them). 

If you know what to buy and skip all passives+blueprints, you can reach r15 for around 600 xeno (+the 100 initial xeno).


You took the missile reloading as far as I can see. And I guess you took the Thar Ga tok line (with 10% damage at the end) + the r5 motor node + matter absorber, since you followed my build.

These are “powerful node” : Low evo point, big effect but cost xeno.

If you skipped them, you’d be r13 or r15.


Let’s be honnest : The missile reload costs 50 xeno for 40 evo points

At your rank, a slot or a buffer should costs between 20 and 24 xeno. 

For these 50 xeno you’d be able to buy 2 slots for 60 each. Just with this you’d win one rank.

Can you give an estimate on Monocrystals spent by your Tharga research? Just a rough number like 200 maybe? Because I think these are the most rare and limiting factors: Xenos and Monos - not?

What the hell use monocrystal beside cabin and crafting items ? 

Right now, the limiting resource is Alien Panels (at least for f2p players). 

Xenocrystals are easy to get. 



I spent something like 200 mono, because I got all the modules beside missile reloading crafted at r15. Even those that I don’t use (drone, motor). 

Monocrystall? In all new modules and weapons… you need it ![:004_2:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004_2.png “:004_2:”)

Mono’s are just given in a way too low amount… it take forever to just get a hundred of those :confused: you can’t even manage to farm them