Thar'ga = 1 shot kill anything?

Destroyers, Frigates, Fighters, Interceptors. All dying in single bursts to a weapon that I can only describe as a high-velocity wall of green kinetic shrapnel.

Despite my best efforts at focus firing (Me and several others firing on this priority target), the Thar’ga will vanish from sight, only to reappear behind us a moment later to instantly kill 1 or 2 pilots in its attack run, before speeding away at speeds and maneuverability I would sooner expect from an interceptor.

So far I only have one strategy that works. Hide in a tight spot or deploy a shield, and fire a suicidal torpedo to kill us both. My ship and enemy Thar’Ga both out of commission = benefit to the entire team.

70% of my recent PvP deaths are from these ships alone, with other deaths being from getting overrun or caught out of position when the battle sways due to a pair of these ships instantly popping everyone around me.



2 shot if you use EB ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

With proxymortal guards and tacklers you can counter thargas, if there are not too many. But you really need teamwork and focus them one by one.
But agains the 3-4 good tharga players you can’t do much since focus one down takes too much time, until you kill one the other 2-3 kill you or your team. I guess you can take 3-4 thargas and and try to murder more than they do. There is no good counter tactic afaik.

Yeah. If there is 1-2, iridium heatsinked gravilazor and module them then ping like madman. Unless it jumps away team should focus at it and kill. More than 3 is barely possible to stop, other means than other Tharga.

BTW, most constructive and neutral rant I seen so far, well done.

[Working on it](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/33113-testing-tharga/#comment-394972)