System Name: Troy

Sector: 1340

Planet: Thar

Discovered in the year 4666

Named after the Greek Tartarus, the dismal abyss where the Titans—mysterious, destructive, and uncontrollable forces of the universe—were sent.


Troy is a huge graveyard of abandoned Precursor stations. It contains huge constructions of unknown origin, ominous in the greenish, gaseous light cast by the planets of Troy.

This ancient civilization’s ruins spark instinctive horror in contemporary visitors from all factions.

Thar is one of the most abundant and most interesting discoveries of the Precursors City System. Littering the path of this celestial body are many complex structures full of devices that obscure its orbit.

Mercenaries, whose ranks include adventurers from all factions, do their best to explore the giant ruins of Troy and uncover its possibilities, taking away fragments of designs or curious mechanisms—whatever they can get with the least risk and sell for the highest profit.

However, it worth noting that reckless daredevils plunder Troy— with each visit, you never know who you’ll come up against.

Looks…interesting indeed.

Gives me the good old thoughts of being a Junker back in Freelencer where you’d spend your days salvaging wrecks. However by the sounds of it Troy will require cunning and teamwork to get its goodies )…goodies that will be of higher value and interest than simply guns alone etc )

Yha cut Troy for sell this construction at black market :002j:

damn i cant take my eyes off the planet … so amazing looking

Malasorte, you want to vizit our twitter page to see another pic )

A quarantine area full of deadly radiation and debris flying space stations several kilometers per second with a lot of vessels precursors fatally effective? Why we will never in nice places? :003j:

Malasorte, you want to vizit our twitter page to see another pic )

yea it seems i havent seen some of those pics so when i said i saw all in the other thread it wasnt true :smiley: but now i saw all hehe … and till i get a key/invite i’ll be your Tormentor(Jericho) :smiley:

i’m gonna come visit your dream and make it a nightmare wispering in your dream ear “beta key, beta key … invite, invite” and eventually i’ll get a key/invite off your drawing system hehe