Thank you

Wanted to say that I have been playing Star Conflict for the last month or so and really enjoying it.  Nice to find a Sci-Fi game that isn’t just CoD with Sci-Fi skin on it.  Had been playing Hawken, MWO, World of Tanks, and others, but none of them caught my interest like this.


Need less to say I am still a Newbie but enjoying the learning the ropes as best as possible.


Well keep up the good work.


(I looked for a section for this.  This one seemed to fit the best if it is in the wrong one don’t hesitate to move it.)

It’s a proper section tho. Glad you like the game :slight_smile:

WoT Sci-Fi… I also liked SCon, but he’s half dead in relation to the number of players.

I realize WoT isn’t Sci-Fi but it is in the same category as this game.  Team Based Arena PvP for the most part.


Hell I might as well call it Sci-Fi considering the lack of balance and the lack of historical accuracy in the match ups. ;)wt

Welcome to the game and see you in space!