Th'ak'Len and Assault Railgun weapon sound is the same!

Bug report: (Waz’Got)


What happened?

Th’ak’Len weapon (Waz’Got only) and Assault Railgun (kinetic weapon) sound is actually the same! Sound assets are the same!


What should happen?

Th’ak’Len weapon on the Waz’Got should use a different sound effect that’s still consistent with its rate of fire. This weapon looks more EM-based instead of kinetic-based.


How to replicate this bug?

1.) Equip the Waz’Got with a Th’ak’Len weapon, undock in Open Space and fire it a bit, then dock in hangar.

2.) Now equip this weapon on a fighter - Gunship, Assault Railgun. Do the same step described above.

3.) Observe the issue, if you compare both effects.



Screenshots: (Kinetic weapons that are using the same sound.)










[2017.08.18](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15176)