Textures & Shadows: is this normal?

Hi there,

I’m playing this game perfectly smoothly at max settings. I just wanted to know if the textures and shadows are supposed to look like they do in the attached image.

  • Textures: have artifacts/are blurry
  • Shadows: are blocky

My GPU is a Radeon HD 7950 & I play at a resolution of 2560x1600.


I just want to know if this is normal for everyone or if there is an issue with my game for some reason. Thank you!


It isn’t!

I already reported this.

It only affects the hangar.

It only affects the hangar.

Ah, I’m glad to have heard that. I could swear it looks in some places as though the different parts of the textures are overlapping each other.

Also, this is just my autism speaking, the ships on the hangar bays (I’ve only been in the Imperial hangar so far) are all slightly off-center, a tiny bit to the right.