Texts are in russian/missing

I enter the game, and its in english and all…but when i start playing, the text all of a sudden turns russian and i cant understand a word…

also, tons of texts are missing, for example, in the faction selection screen, instead of “empire” its says “faction_empire_missing” or something like that…

i also get that last issue when targeting something, instead of seeing its name i get something like “enemy_missing”…

sorry to say but this isnt playable even for a beta version… :confused:

hope you fix this soon because the game looks great :slight_smile:




this bug appeared with the last patch, so I think it will be gone again in the next patch.

thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

will the russian bug disappear too?

and when will be the next patch?

i would be grateful if you could elaborate…:slight_smile:

The texts should be all in english soon, about the in game voices it could a little bit more time.

At the moment I dont know when the next patch will be done, first the devs collect some feedback and fix some bugs and than it gets put on the beta server :wink:

ok thanks :slight_smile:

/fixed and closed.