Testing balance changes



Pilots! The UMC launches a special test version of the game with balance tweaks proposed by the players. This version of the game will be available to everyone on a separate test server.


Public test server


  • Testing will be held on the Star Conflict public test server.
  • The public test server is a game space independent of the live server where updates are uploaded for mass testing.
  • Instructions on how to connect to the public test server can be found here.


Mass test schedule


The public test server will run for a limited time. The server is intended only to test an update that is being prepared for release.


  • Friday: 15:00 GMT - 19:00 GMT.
  • Saturday: 15:00 GMT - 19:00 GMT.
  • Sunday: 15:00 GMT - 19:00 GMT.


You can share the bug - [reports in this section.](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/337-ptbugs/)


Star Conflict Team!