"Testers" and "Players"

We have carefully read all your comments about the changes from patch 0.6.2 and we have noticed, that the community is devided into two groups of interest.

  1. Players who want to improve the game, because they want to support the project. They are willing to to test new modes and features, even if they are in an early stage.

  2. Players who joined the game in order to relax after school/work. They just want to have fun without thinking about problems and other things.

The new game modes are not always perfect on release and so many players have problems enjoying the game, but the new queue system should help us to find a balance between “players” and “testers”.

So with the new patch, we are planning to divide the players into two public queues:

Fight on the front line including “experimental” game modes which require validation and refinement. With the new patch there will be a queue available with unlimited respawn and a new game mode called “Reconnaissance”(it’s not the final name).

Normal combat will include capture the beacon game mode with limited respawn(3 ships).

We hope that these changes will make you feel more comfortable in game. We will tell you more about the new game mode in the next news.