Terrible ingame support

So ahead of time there may be a lot of typos here as I am still recovering from eye surgery…


With that said what the hell is with the ingame support? I call out ESB and there obvious exploiting ways and I get muted from chat for 24hrs without ANY warning what so ever by some guy named ComradTroY?? If hes a mod pull your head out of your xxxx try warning someone if you got a beef with someone smack talking the clan you obviously protect. How bout you take out the real trash like ESB and Not the player base your agrovating by protecting them! Like anyone else find it bazzare how the following is universal for ALL of them!?


  1. None of them take damage for beans doesnt matter if you use EM thermal Kinetic doesnt matter they just dont take damage!

  2. They ALL have epic gear across the board! hell i havent found 1 epic weapon yet their ships are 100% epic for all members

  3. They somehow ignore resitances. They are mostly Kinestic junkys so I go in with 164 KN reitence with 11k shields yet SOMEHOW I still get 5 shotted in my T4 frig like make the cheating MORE obvious!


And lastly Troy learn some customer service skills since you clearly have NONE!





Last penny I spend on this game with support like this

I think it is the approach you are taking, not the action you are doing perse. We also experienced them exploiting today.

i will try to notify the mods regarding it.