'Templar' ships missing geometry

1.  The Templar ship family has a relatively noticeable hole in the ship model.

2.  For the model to be “solid” and unable to be seen through.

3.  Simply have the ship equipped or viewable from any distance.

4.  The underside of the ship model seemingly has a “missing face”, as the textures for stickers/aerographies also attempt to wrap around the missing geometry.

5.   Always.

6.   Video + Screenshots attached


8UJrKzl.png csY6Ns5.png E7JguYT.png


7.   Not relevant.

8.   Not relevant.

9.   Not relevant.

  1. Not relevant.

Not a bug. It’s defender plates

9 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

Not a bug. It’s defender plates

Are you sure? I can see straight through the ship - and I can see the edges of the missing surface.