‘Tempest’ Launcher



Automatic combat module for suppressor class destroyers. Launches a volley of 20 homing missiles that hit targets in a 25 degree cone. Each missile deals up to 3000 pts. of thermal damage. Has active range of up to 5000 meters. One target can be hit by no more than two missiles simultaneously. It takes time to reload the launcher. It’s very effective in fights against multiple targets moving in a tight group.

Who’s the best Tempest Launcher??


*One on the right* MEEEEEEEEEE!

Well… you guys forgot to label the shadow again. But really though, the module is extremely effective in-game, almost to the point of OP since duels between destroyers are determined by who has tempest ready to fire first.

Well… you guys forgot to label the shadow again.

Will be fixed in the next patch!

Can we hope to see micromissile launchers for the fighters and interceptors as well eventually?

They’re gonna need something to be balanced with destroyers at some point. Have some value of their own and all.

I would love that little missile module idea I suggested a while ago.

It was something like this:

Name: Secondary Pylons

Type: Multipurpose Active Module

Ranks: 9-15

Upgrades: Each increases range by 200m.

Energy: None while passive. 200 upon activation.

Cooldown: 60s

Tooltip: Fires a homing energy missile at your target, or the nearest enemy within 4,000m of your ship every 18 seconds. Upon activation, fires 3 in a burst. If no visible enemies are in range, the module will not work.

Damage: 3,500 EM

Animation: A glowing blue missile is released from the ship and follows the target. Cannot guide around objects.

I found a problem with this module: I don’t know if this is meant to be like this, but when you use it versus other destroy, the missiles target EVERY ship system. So, because there are 6 of them (module 1 to 4 + Engine and Capacitor), + the destro itself, 14 missiles can hit the ship at any time. Also, I think that the damage is a little bit too high. 

Will be fixed in the next patch!

So long as it’s not nerfed  :015j:

It does up to 4750 per hit on destroyer plus destroyed module damage so you get numbers like 68k from one salvo

You can also get critical hits with them. I did 13k damage in one hit once. Only seems to get that high with the weapons-priority capacitor mode.