Can’t find the teleporter anywhere in the shop, and i have the research done. I know how to use the filters, i think it’s just not there?

so far i check, not a single thing require small teleport tech in shop list… so im assume this module seems doesnt implemented yet…

Havn’t found it either or requirements. But need it to get higher on skill tree anyway.

well… i just wonder… teleporting 75m … sounds not so far…

Depending on the cooldown that could be really useful or absolutely not.

wish for instacooldown… TIEM TO BLINK AWAY TO BEACON A!!!

There are more equipment missing currently. I´ll post a list later on if i have everything.

75m is actualy usefull even if its like a 5 sec cooldown

dodging a missile or repositioning urself can save ur life

should be funny to spook people V:

we still don’t have inertial mode, so it’s rather a moot point right now.