tech missions

i am having a problem with the tech missions for corp iridium not showing up, i did jericos yesterday and there were none for the other two factions, the same thing again this morning, any help with this would be appreciated

The iridium you won is not showing in corp iridium?

yes it shows, it is the missions themselves that do not show up in the other factions


Have you tried switching several times to see if it will appear? 

will try


still only comes in jerico

File a bug report then.

So you may already know this but tech is Jericho only:



Tech for Jericho:


As you can see here I did mine and it unlocks in a few hours…





So you say that you don’t have the iridium contract for Empire and Federation?



If there is an issue with the contracts, you must file a bug report.

I can complete all of them just fine, so I believe you’re not using proper ranks of ships for the tasks.

Koro might be onto something, depending on how much ahead in ranks you are, that much you’ll probably have tasks available.

thanks for all the input, i see by conflictions screenshots that i need r6 ships, thanks again, now i know what to do

Have a good one then. ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)