Teamwork: Squad assignments still give 45 instead of 60 with, and 30 instead of 45 xenocrystals without a Premium license!

Bug report:


Ellydium’ weekly assignments - Teamwork: Squad: “Destroy or help destroy 200 ships (Frigate, Interceptor, Fighter, Thar’Ga, Tai’Kin, Destroyer) while in a squad with ships of max rank.”

It only offers 45 instead of 60 xenocrystals weekly, as a reward for completing the contract with a Premium license and 30 instead of 45 xenocrystals without a Premium license.


We should get 60 xenocrystals instead of 45, and 45 instead of 30 xenocrystals  for all weekly missions without a Premium license.


I think that Teamwork: Group weekly assignments were actually missed and the rewards weren’t updated.


Screenshot: All weekly missions/assignments for “Teamwork: Squad” have the same issue. Please, increase the rewards from 45 to 60 and 30 to 45 xenocrystals for all of them.

                    This screenshot has been taken recently.



Proof from the patch notes 1.4.4c:



Link to the patch notes 1.4.4c:

Logs: (Sorry, my logs were already replaced, only 20 folders, before they are overwritten.)

Inb4 changelog post get edited.

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Inb4 changelog post get edited.

Mr. Skula1975 won’t betray us.


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Thank you.