Teamplay and targeting

It’s hard to team now, so I suggest nick switch button like in BSGO, so you can see nicks/health of people and stick to them. I often see players that plays good and I want to fly with them in formation, but I often loose them and I have to press tab and start looking for them.

Also I suppose that groups will be added, so my suggestion is that there should be arrows in different color of your friends/players in group, just like when your target is white, your group ships should show have green arrow and show green on radar. Group targeting could be helpful too, so you can all attack one enemy simultaneously. How to do that? Add leader, so when you press lets say “y” key you switch target to your leader target. Or just when you press y you switch between your teammate’s targets.

Targeting system today is very chaotic, it often doesn’t pick up target you want, even if it is right in front of you, it picks one behind you, so you’re forced to turn, or continue fire without enemy flight path thingy on hunch. You should have options to toggle targets near you back and forth. I know that this game is very dynamic and you have very little time to do that, but it could save a lot of time if you wouldn’ t need to press t few times till it picks enemy you want.

I agree, the targeting system is poor at the moment, there are also fighting against the interceptors that are chaotic.

When using the skill of speed they may face at 15km (approx), but we always keep the target in something unpleasant.

Besides the enemies of a sudden no longer target while they are in front of you and 6 kms and without use of the aircraft are in the unlockable skills.

I hope not to get too overwhelmed of the subject :01212: