Team League - Implement Surrender Option In Game's Menu

We very often see and observe a peculiar behavior from some individuals.

They disconnect on purpose, without any connection issues, just to spare their time and hope for another better match.

While I do not want to report them, such tactic or behavior is a violation and it is strictly forbidden offense in-game policy.

After all, nobody really follows the rules there, when it comes to in-game combat. We do not have the Combat Police yet.


When defeat is most likely high or inevitable, they just want to skip a match or battle.

Another case of giving up is self-destruction of their last ships, when the odds are highly stacked against them.

All 5 players disconnect, when they face impossible odds.

I got at least 30 screenshots of such cases. I won’t mention corporation names or individuals, but I am proposing this instead.





SURRENDER option. (white flag) Escape Key/Game’s Menu






  • only the League’s Leader can use such option

  • all regular members of the same Wing must confirm such option first, by clicking Yes, in order to accept it (the enemy gets only 50% of total amount of points, if they accept Surrender option)

  • confirmation window asks the enemy League’s Leader, if he wishes to accept or refuse such option (if he refuses, it is automatically revoked and it cannot be used again)

  • it is available at any time in PvP Leagues only (no predefined rules)

  • optional 1: (it is only available, if all ships of both opposing teams are still present in the ship lineup (defined rules))

  • optional 2: (it is only available for the first 60-90 seconds, after both opposing teams enter the battle (defined rules))

  • by using such option, you still lose points, but you lose half less points of what you normally would for such a defeat (I think that the highest score for a defeat is 10 points, which means 5 with Surrender option)

  • each pilot’s rating drops as twice as fast, than it would in case of normal defeat

  • each player gets a medal “We come in peace!” with a white flag symbol in the medal menu in his collection



Please, discuss and add certain improvements, where needed.

Main point is that such system shouldn’t be abused, so my guidelines are far from final.








Can you please elaborate your +1 a bit?

What would you change?

What would you add or improve?


  • garlic



^ u want me to explain that too ??

I’d like the ability to have a “majority’s vote” type of surrender, where if greater than 50% of the players that are connected want to forfeit the battle, 3/5 of them have to vote for it.

As for the “only able to before 60-90s is up”, it could act as a sort of captain invincibility function, where a little white flag is displayed as a buff, giving the ability to surrender if needed.

Sorry but I’m guilty of this, I get absolutely steamed when I keep getting matched against the same seal clubbing xxxxxxx that keeps getting 15-17 kills on a 20 kill deathmatch game in their flippy arse cov ops with 170* turn rate and full purple modules that’s literally impossible to hit that nobody manages to scratch the entire match.


This rarely happens, but when it does my blood boils, I can literally forecast the results with 90% accuracy when I see these individuals. What am I, their “content” to fill their kill counter and synergy with, while I get a piddly 1500?


Stop matching 500 hour vets with 40 hour intermediates or 4 hour newbies and everything will be just great.

Do they even use pilot ranking or KDR to determine the team arrangement?!


EDIT: This was never in a league game, though, just a sparse few matches on the standard mode a while back… :fed014: