Targeting Ships??

use to play this game some time ago but I quit because I could not figure out how to target ships.

I could not find any manual with key bindings and such.


Could somone tell or point me to a manual on how to target ships?

Target? do you mean lock on to ships for guided missiles and certain modules? If that is the case, that is enabled by default to automatically lock on a target after firing at it. You can also bind a key for locking on a target or to cancel the lock.

Click on main in the upper left corner of your hanger.  Then settings->game->auto-lock on target.  This is your main lock.


If you go to settings->keybinds and scroll down there is a section for target indication.  All of them are important.  The most important are probably “Lock who’s locking you” and “Cancel lock” because they help you to know who’s targeting you, and help your target to find you.