Tales from the Burning Rock - Prequel

Tales from the Burning Rock




After Aegis and Argus split off from Ellydium and formed their own corporations (Aegis Revolution Technology & Argus Military Corporation), one of Ellydium’s newest dreadnoughts, the Odin, became a growing problem for them. Created using alien and the latest technologies, the Odin dominated the asteroid belt, ambushing corporate dreadnoughts and their fleets, and was almost invincible. This slowly brought the corporate leaders together, and then after a successful sabotage plan with the help of A.R.T and A.M.C, the Odin used all its iridium reserves to jump to a very distant place unknown to the current world of Star Conflict - the Perus system, and then crashed into a huge asteroid, right into the hands of the Intergalactic Authority. Now that both the Ellydium and the sabotaging corporations have learned of the mostly undamaged dreadnought lying between the mountains of the asteroid, factions of the Ellydium, the 2 Crystallid messenger corporations, the Intergalactic Authority, and the people living near the Perus system have all set out with one goal - either get the ship from their enemies, or make sure it belongs to no one.