Tai'thaq broken?

Hi guys, it seems that after the last game version upgrade, my Tai’kin’s Tai’thaq gun lost most of it’s strength and perks. While before upgrade I was able to one shot, one kill a Transporter or and Asteroid for example, at this moment I have to spend more than 30 seconds continuously shooting. I used to destroy really fast an Alien ship, now I have literally no chance, it’s like I am using a pea shooter. I have seen though various other players enjoying their Tai’thaq as before, but unfortunately when asked about this matter during game, they either do not respond or they are Russian speakers. As result I even removed Tai-kin from my regular lineup, as it doesn’t bring any joy any more. Can anyone relate to this “issue” or can explain what happened? Thank you.


Fixed a bug with damage dealt by the “Tai 'taq” weapon in some situations

From last patch note.


it seems that this weapon was bugged in some situation and the bug was fixed.