Tai'Kin - Satellite crystal cannot be activated to return to the ship if it's at low health!

Bug report:



What happened?

When Tai’Kin is at low health, you cannot press a button again (Crystal satellite module) to make it return to you.



What should have happened?

Deployment of a Satellite crystal requires health or hull integrity. By pressing the module again, it should return back to your ship at no extra health cost, yet it will refuse to (hull durability too low).



How to replicate this bug:

  • Use Tai’Kin of Rank 15

  • Equip Satellite crystal 17 module, also equip Emergency Barrier to prevent dying later.

  • Activate the Satellite crystal, then take enough damage but survive without getting killed.

  • Recall the crystal drone now - (it will refuse to return - hull durability is too low) - a bug



[2018.03.20 23.24.54.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=16493)