Tai'Kin Resources

Attention! Since April 27, all pilots can purchase special container bundles with a cabin and resources for the rapid upgrade of Tai’Kin ship with galactic standards.
UMC reports that the Broker missions, previously connected with obtaining the cabin of Tai’Kin ship, were fully transferred to Conrad Dimeni. By completing special missions you can purchase containers with resources for Tai’Kin for 200 iridium. 
Conrad Dimeni still provides pilots with unique contracts, that can help them quickly upgrade the ship Tai’Kin. Containers are available to pilots for credits after completing the contracts.
Also, valuable resources needed to build a Tai’Kin can still be purchased by trading with other pilots.
Build and upgrade the new ‘Ellydium’ scout interceptor Tai’Kin among the first!
Yours faithfully,
Star Conflict team