Tai'Kin and Waz'Got Decoration bugged (still)

Ignore the first half of that log I sent a screen shot of…
the important thing is that I contacted Star Conflict Via their Facebook page in APRIL to see if they would fix the mistake with Tai’Kin’s DECORATION that I purchased
The response was: YES We Know About It. It Will Be Fixed…
Well, it’s July, it still hasn’t been fixed
NOT ONLY did it not get fixed, BUT you did the SAME THING with the DECORATION on my new WAZ’GOT
I recommend fixing this in a timely manner, because, nice as my new ship is, it needs a coat of paint… but I can’t have the paint and the robot at the same time until you FULFILL YOU PROMISE and fix this… I did pay good money for these ships AND their decorations. I expect to get what I paid for.

Unfortunately, my only weapons of mass destruction right now would destroy quite a bit more than just your headquarters… whole cities would be decimated, and there are rules restricting me from destroying entire cities like Atlantis and Pompeii. (really, how was I to know Hephaestus’s geothermal expansion hammer would cause the entire mountain to blow up to that extent, I really did think the city was far enough away… so much trouble, and I just wanted to punish this farmer who offered me some rotten turnips in his sacrifice) Anyways… it seems I am (currently) unable to destroy you… but know that I am displeased, and a god of destruction isn’t someone you want to displease… so do fulfill your oath SOON, for my patience wears thin, and the more impatient I get, the less I fear what Cronus would do if he found out I caused half of Russia to sink into a giant pothole…


Hello! It will be very helfull for us if you can describe your problem using **[This Form](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25328-how-to-create-bug-reports/) **and with logs attached ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

Helfull xD

how much more to the form does it need to be?
YOU claim that the DLC came with a 'Decoration"
I bought the DLCs
I got not a decoration, but a preset, and presets do not work with paint…
I asked you guys (as you can see from that chat log) if this was intentional or if it will be fixed
I recieved a response that it will be fixed, back in April
It has not been fixed, and it’s now July
how much more detail do you need?
and your bundles clearly say “DECORATION”
FURTHER, the new Was’Got bundle is also clearly advertised as a “Unique Decoration” just like Tai’Kins

I wasn’t the only one who was told that it was a known issue, that the decorations will be fixed…
you guys told several other players this, too
but it still hasn’t been done
do you really need a screenshot to look and see ‘oh, that “Decoration: Astromech” we sold came out as “Preset Astromech” and is in the wrong tab’
Here’s a link to the store https://store.gaijin.net/story.php?title=Star-Conflict-Engineer-Evolved_Wazgot
it says it comes with the ‘unique ship DECORATION astromech’
instead, it comes with the ‘Coloring Preset: Astromech’ which adds a robot and removes all paint applied to the ship, because it’s a coloring preset, and not the promised ‘Decoration’

OK… … I was asked to post pictures… so pictures you will have!!!

-the First is a picture of what your DLC says the purchaser recieves… I even highlighted the important parts just in case you needed help!!!
-the Second is a picture of my empty DECORATION tab
-the Third is a picture of my PRESET that contains the decoration, but removes 510GS worth of paint when used!!! (DARK GREY, DARK GREY, AND RED… each cost 170GS)
Now, can you please move the decoration to the proper tab… I don’t mind buying more paint… but I want my decoration and paint…





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