Finally got my hands on a t2 interceptor ( I play Jerycho )


With the right modules I can do guerrilla tactics pretty well. For instance find a target, get in close using the speed, fire a missile, while firing, quickly switch tot the guided missile then go back to the unguided, this gives you a heavy amount of damage which pretty much tear the shield instantly. Then i switch on the module that replaces Plasma EMD damage to Thermal to go through the hull. And enemy is down fast.


If there are more targets around when I do this, I usually either enable the module that gives me 32.8% damage more plasma damage to kill my target fast or, press F, disable everybody, cloak and run away.


I successfully used this to get out of a number of situations. Even got the “take 500% damage and survive” medal.


The above is used for wild targets.


Another thing I use my interceptor is to capture beacons while other enemy’s are around. I go into capture range and press F, then while my disabling charge charges the timer goes on in my favour and I am invulnerable for enemy fire, then my disabling module fires and i get even a little more time to capture the beacon and escape cloaked. I did this a number of times successfully.



Now the above are my interceptor tactics, do you guys use any other?