Tactics By SarkaniR

Good day, ladies and pilots!


At the writing of this little work, I spodvigla stunning inability players in PVP mode, at least to anything like a team game. And therefore, in the hope that at least some of the newcomers here glance, here are a few tips and tricks from the category of “how to ensure the team to victory in PVP”:


  1. Direct hands. Obvious? More than anything, however, constantly watching, going into battle T1 and T2, where tactics and piloting are not so important that people just “stupid” does not fly in a straight line zamorachivayas no evasion, no maneuvering, no speed control. No studies of the orbit frigates on interceptions, does not deviate from the flow of the frigate missiles and plasma flying it (up and vnizzzz, right and vleeevo and you are saved!). Guys - the first 2 levels are not getting your frags, although that, too, and to improve the skills of flight. At T3 and above you will also be very difficult, if not learn how to fly. (I speak not unfounded, any player T3 and above experience at T1 and T2 for the fight collects up to 60 frags killed and padded)


  1. Look at the map. Honestly guys, your race for the nimble interceptor crowd of 4-5 people, at the time when the lighthouse was about to switch, or when one of the beacons are alone - this is a rough plums.

Constantly monitorte map, exhausting and stretch the enemy, do not let it come into his fist. They saw that the map is empty lighthouse - a run there, if not stand on the protection of the current lighthouse. If you hang one on the captured lighthouse - and hang on, if you are attacked - will be able to fight off the lighthouse or at least buying time until the main forces.


  1. Beat singles and healers. If you’re on the hustlers boat and see how the shells arrive from far away, carrying our ships, that means it’s time to fly, and slapped on the cabbage soup brazen sniper. If in a fight you can see that the enemy only 1 or 2 healers - this is your main goal. While hanging Khilok, interceptors and storms killed sooo tight, this saw the “+” in the fight, highlight it and run kick, although used 1 or 2 player there is adequate and will help you, but more and not be required.


  1. Keep a map! I repeat? Nifiga like - no matter on what you are flying, you should always be aware of who is flying next to you or hang out nearby. There are close Frig cover? mark in the mind that it is your protection against interceptions and a trap for them (lure fascinated by the pursuit interception under pulsar or mine - a sweet deal). There are nearby Khilok? Stay within quick reach of this. And Khilok cover up if attacked, and do survive, and again, you will Khilok mines and fire.


  1. Listen to those who take on the work of a team is not easy to fight! Usually these are people who are always looking at a map! If the commander gives the target information to a disabled lighthouse at the other end of the card, it’s not because he’s an idiot, but because he sees - the current lighthouse is no longer capture (or if he is captured, it will not have time to hit the switch), but to gather strength in a fist on the next catch him mine and quickly grab - it is a big plus to win.

If follows a team - gather into a fist, then either hang on to spawn further notice, or, if given target designation - fly there, or at its discretion, select the point where you will need a minute, based on this advice.

If you still have one base in missions with a bomb, and even in some supplements actively spamming target designation on it, and you thus to cover-up or an engineer … RUN THERE!! Throw everything and run there. You say - “And what fraaaagi?” And so this is your last lighthouse, and it will be torn to all those who are only able to, so that’s really where-where, and there will be frags cars.


  1. Keep the card. Yes, yes again. Be alert pretending, remember, predicted. Why, that’s why T3 ships people do not know where the next turn on the lighthouse and at the time of the change, there is no one on it? Although the logic there should be a crowd of at least 5.10? Why, after the capture of the EMP bomb, all the hooks somewhere to get away to the dogs, rather than that used at least 1-2 intercept remained in place spawn bombs and awaited the appearance of a second? Or when a bomb is set and this message appears in the middle of the screen, no one flies to the rep bomb, pick up a new one, which will appear after a few seconds after the explosion of the current?


  1. Cover your frigates. Do not fly away from the current spawn beacon or if your team just one engineer or prikryvatel, throwing him to his fate. even one interceptor remaining on the cover-up, can save him. Another thing if flying pieces 3-5 frigates. This bunch will block itself.


  1. makes a confusion in the ranks of the enemy. The game has enough tools to disorient the enemy. Throw into the crowd yaderku, causing them to crush the ranks and scatter in different directions, put energovysasyvayuschie and other fields, flew from the rear and cut straight through the stern causing panic and turn around.


Observe at least that, and the odds of winning will be higher by orders of magnitude.


thanks to SarkaniR

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