Tacklers should get in-built resistance to negative effects

I agree that tacklers in low tiers such as T4-T2 are somehow made of glass for some reason. But also, were made to hit and run and not for what is happening in the battles atm. They just stand there like command ships! Jag is a different ship. It is unbelievably strong. Can whistand almost anything. Should not get any buff at all. 

1 hour ago, millanbel said:

OK, you have convinced me. I’ll fit a proton wall and deal with the lower damage.

Dead does no dmg, so technically you gonna do more dmg.

33 minutes ago, xKostyan said:

Dead does no dmg, so technically you gonna do more dmg.

Sounds like a Sun Tzu quote ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”)

Well… I want EM Scattering field to be implemented into LRF, so you can not lock at it, ever… thx

I want an Engineer, who has always active repair and recharge stations!

Hum, I think both hull/shield heal for engi and buff for commands should be a passive of the special module (scale with the weapon rank).

Or at least fuse shield and hull buff/heal into one module. 


And target painter should be a toggle on/off without the need of a target that stick to the locked target whenever you have Line of Sight. So no need to reactivate it all the time when you loose the line of sight for a second…

Same goes for the ECM weapon debuff.



I want a dest with a real black hole!

Ecms are just extra annoying at the moment… Always seems to be loads on the enemy team lol Popping metastable and getting 2s invincibility…