Tacklers: Assassins or Supports? [asking help]

Hello star conflict :smiley:


As a main tackler since the beta, i was attristed to have such bad scores in my games, so I looked around for the purpose of these fighters.


In the first time, i looked into the “Help” section and found that tacklers are meant to kill interceptors.

I though: “Cool! So I am a classic MMO assassin looking for squishy targets! All I have to do is to cloak, targe an interceptor, debuff his speed and armor, get  the 20% damage buff,  send a slowing field missile, finish my target with crits from my railgun!”





The interceptors keep turning around me and im dead in no time ^^


And I went into the internet looking for more explanations :wink:

I found people using tacklers as supports and farming assists! I though: “Wait, what? A support with a cloak and a damage buff? And a single targetting debuff? ahahah, let’s try this…or not xD”

Of course it does not work because 2v1 is “not worth” (if you pass me the expression from MOBAs)


I fall on the 0.11.3 patch:

Practice shows that invisibility is often used to avoid battle rather than stage a surprise attack.
That’s why we decided to stimulate the aggressiveness of tackler pilots:

When ODG Chameleon stops working, weapon damage is increased by 20% for 5 seconds



Er…So my goal is really to be aggressive, i was right since the begining :smiley:

But why can’t I do assassinations? If I take Verniers engines, i cannot run out of fights after kills and if I take cruise engine (wich seems more logical for an assassin looking to escape), I cannot fight because my target is still too fast for my railguns (wich have a big spread :S).


Now i’m really asking myself how to play T_T


For info, my build is made with 50% crit chances and 80% bonus damages from them, when i need to run, i always have the energy needed from the energy recuperation system combined with the shield regen module and I’m impossible to kill thanks to the adaptative shield. If i get shot by a sniper, a nuke, minelayer, or something that does huges damages, i still have the emergency barrier and mass regen. Thanks to the passive rank 8 from the Lion Mk.II, i will be able to equip the Iridium heatsink without its side effect. And of course, you can add the cruise engine to flee from fights after a kill :stuck_out_tongue:



Edit: Some changes are made to my build along the thread. Please read every post of me :wink:

Your implants look fine, however I’d use the bottom rank 11. Pair that with EM missiles instead of slow missiles because if you fly into your own cloud, you’re going to cancel out your adaptives. Plus, EM missiles have a better chance of hitting inties when your engine suppressor is on cooldown.


Regenerative coating really isn’t necessary since you already have a hull and shield heal. Plus, you won’t be able to use it to its full potential if you’re cruising around all the time paired with that pulse discharger. Replace those two with a kinetic and thermal resist, or even a kinetic and missile pylon if you really like your missiles.


If you _really _want a pewpew rail build, i suggest switching your ammo to vanadium. The higher firerate will increase your effective DPS and also compensate for the lower crit chance. This will help your “assassin” build - however tacklers aren’t really meant to be assassins in the first place.


As for your problem with the high spread of rails, instead of holding down your M1, fire your rails in bursts of 3-5 and let your reticle reset between bursts. You’ll be surprised how accurate burstfiring gets. Another way to mitigate this is to use electronic guidance - at the cost of critical chance.


Also, how’s your energy usage? For cruises I highly recommend having a 30+ energy surplus. Take that pulse discharger off and replace it with a voltage regulator or another iridium heatsink for more DPS.

Hey :smiley:


Thanks for the answer ^^

I have to say that the rank 8 point in crew blocks my own slow with missile, so i am free from it for 5 sec if i need :slight_smile:

I return to my former dual Iridium Heatsink and I remove my Pulse discharger (i cant wait to reach level 8 grrrrr).


Oh, you didnt see that i use a cruise engine? :slight_smile: I stop when i need to fire so the adaptatives are only a defence when i run after a kill ^^

I had an idea wich was to retire the heal and to put the Multiphase Shield Adapter instead of it.


I tell you my tactic:


  1. Cloak

  2. target

  3. Apply debuffs and send missile (Engine suppressor, TP)

  4. Pewpew

  5. Ennemy turn back to face you and you had time to regen your energy to almost max: active multiphase and get the slow immunity for 5 sec.

  6. Cuicui? PEWPEWPEWPEWPEW - kill

  7. Run thanks to cruise engine (energy refilled with the Energy Recuperation System) and become invincible thanks to the adaptative shield, emergency barrier and shield boost.

  8. Taunt: “deal with my force, be stronger next time (become a tank) #Kappa


Er… if tacklers aren’t assassins…what are they? Supports? It is strange not having a tanky support and further more with single target modules…AND A CLOAK WITH DAMAGE BUFF >:/

Immagine any dev asking to any newby in a classic mmo:

“hey, welcome to my game, guess wich class can become invisible and gain a damage buff when coming out of it? :D”

“Er…Assassins? :)”

“…No…it is not assassins…it…is…supports :D”



You can understand that x)

From my point of view tackler is support ship, suppressing single, dangerous targets like covops or fleeing troops allowing team to finish it off. Cloak is rather defensive tool than ambush (except ramming nearly 0 hull ship while being invisible, try it). Also I hate cruise engine.

Did the devs failed at making the tacklers aggresssive?


I though about how do an assassin play in MOBAs: 1) Harrass and sustain 2) Go for the kill 3) Run out of combat zone or teleport safely


So i made a little change in my strategy by adding a sentry turret (the little one, but if needed, you can go for the big one… OR TAKE BOTH AND FULL DAMAGE MOUAHAHAHHAH! 8D) instead of the heal/multiphase in order to have an harrass tool. It transform my build into a trapper assassin focusing on target without shield.


Another way of full face could have be : Target Painter/Engine Suppressor/Sentry (Blue one)/Inhibitor beam


  1. Build a sentry in a good spot out of range for enemies

  2. Your sentry have a 4k range, use the IB to cut afterburners of your target and stay out of range. You can also throw a slowing missile

  3. No more shield? Cloak and apply the first tactic. Thanks to the huge kinetic damages, the enemy’s hull will just poof :stuck_out_tongue:


This way is dangerous but like in every games: High risks, high rewards :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok I think your main problem is that you are using rail guns.


I use my tacklers as gauss cannon assassins.  This weapon gives them extra alpha strike capabilities.  It works perfectly on lone interceptors.  With the slowing field missiles, you almost don’t have to use your other slows. Add a target painter to this and you can get incredible amounts of damage! I can 7k+ crits out of my Rockwell in t5.


To make the tackler a support ship, the best tactic is to use long range gravi-beamers.  With both slows, slowing field missiles and this gun, you can slow your target to a stop, which almost certainly gets him killed if you ping him to attract your team’s attention onto him, or have a squadmate in a gunship/cov ops also firing at him.


The only times you should use cloak aggressively are:

   - you are sure you can get away afterwards, for example in a 1v1 situation where the target is already weakened and has used his actives.

   - you have squadmates who can cover your retreat and you have a good engi on your side

   - you have cruise engine and anti-tackler multipurpose modules and therefore don’t give two f***s about anyone chasing after you since they can’t catch up to you :smiley:

Otherwise cloak should always be used as a GTFO module.


I’m not a fan of cruise engine in PVP because I usually get the impression I am running around the map for half the game and doing no damage.  It can be good for harassing the enemy though if that is your target.  It can also come in handy for certain gamemodes such as beacon hunt and detonation.

The rockwell is a premium ship with increased damages and crit damages. I don’t have that on the lion Mk.II

Also, its hard for me to hit my target, don’t talk about snipers to someone like me ^^ I have around 20~40 fps with lowest graphics and 55 ping in the nearest server (Almost 400 for the far one). I don’t use the aim assist in options, should I?


If the railgun does exist, it is that it have a purpose, no? Medium range, kinetic and crits = assassin (or ADC)

The alpha strike is stronger from the railgun when you come out of insibility because you can fire instantly before being detected and benefit your 20% damage buff better in 5 seconds.

You should definitely use aim assist with gauss.  It compensates the ping/loss.


And after having played against your tackler in my cov ops, here are a few other tips:


  • you uncloaked several times in the middle of nowhere - think about cover.  Uncloak in places where you can easily hide around an asteroid if things go bad.

  • be more aware of your surroundings - you uncloaked once to attack someone else, while I was bearing down on you at full speed.  Look around you before uncloaking.

  • cov ops and recons should be your prime targets (ECMs also but they can f*** you up no matter what, and they are tanky) - you rarely tried to kill me

Just because i was looking for a target that was killed by someone else :S

Happens every time :confused:


Thanks for the tips! :smiley:


I knew that i should focus on Interceptors ofc ^^

Use the aim assist or your projectile weapons will have a hard time hitting. I don’t use ping prediction since it seems to do nothing :slight_smile:

Yeah, now i use it (aim assist)… And it make the difference! O___O

But i wonder if this thing is tolerated in competitive championships (though they play in local).


Aniways, i tried to go full damage with both sentries and the classic TP + ES.

…And I performed a little 3k score… o/  yolo




But i did it only one time so i will change the build again to go back to the old school :S


TP + IB + ES + Sentry drone (red one)


This come back to a standard start with sentries and finish with railguns… Sentries are made to harass, no?

Today, I noticied that the gravi-beamer is only for tacklers (uhuhuh, i’m a newbie :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Maybe the tacklers are  designed to be supports, but for me, their special module Chameleon is an assassin one.

I think devs made a “fail” here and the special module need to be changed to something more related to support.


I end that thread and start a new one related to Balance between classes. It will also concern Tacklers.

Before that, i will post you my last build for the Lion Mk.II assassin:




Link to the new post


Thread closed.