Tachyon Charge and Guided Torpedo

Currently, Tachyon Charge is not affecting Guided Torpedo.  Before 1.5.0, it did.  I didn’t see anything in the patch notes mentioning anything about this, and Tachyon Charge’s description still says it affects Guided Torpedo.  It does still affect Disintegrator.

… only in the GUI stats or on the battle-space?

As an active module, Tachyon Charge’s effects never showed up in the GUI.  However, it is supposed to more than double the speed of the Guided Torpedo, which is pretty easy to feel.  Normally, it takes nearly 16 seconds for a Guided Torpedo to reach its max range; Tachyon Charge cuts that down to about 7 seconds.


Anyway, the latest patch has fixed this; Tachyon Charge is back to affecting Guided Torpedo.