T4 Ship Repair Cost - Waaaay Off/Too High

I enclosed the screenshot to point out the issue.


The cost of a T4 Wolf Mk 2 to repair is far too high.


I have a License, so I am getting more then a non-paying person.


This cost of 146k to repair (ammo is fine for cost) is normal for each battle, so that even on a win - I still lose credits.  It is prohibitive in cost to play in T4.  


113,000 Cr awarded for win

146,000 Cr repair bill


You still lose after that win hahahahaha

Wow, is this for real? how many times did you die? And I was wondering if I should start T4 because I got 6 million credits today. Seems like a nono

/topic moved.

This is no bug.

Seriously, not a bug!?


Oh wow… that’s not right even as a business model.  


This is a F2P model, so for people - you need to give them some hope.

As T4 right now is end game’ish;  people need to be breaking even if not paying otherwise the proverbial carrot on the stick is non-existent and leaves no incentive to keep playing.

Now for the people who pay, what incentive is there to keep on getting the License?  Not only do they have to pay for the license but also to get more credits.  You are now trying to double-dip for the ‘privilage’ of fighting in the end game.  


The majority of people won’t see it that way, they’ll either step back and just play in T3 (where it gets you, as the games producers, nothing) or just quit.


Anyhow these are my thoughts, not yours.  You can run your business as you see fit.  As for me though, I am going to sit back in T3 and not pay real cash to play anymore.  If you change it so that T3 ends up like T4, no problem, I’ll go back to T2, and so on and so on…

Joking aside, I’m pretty sure this is a intended design. There is a core of people who have achieved tier 4, but the majority hover in t2-t3(I mean serious gamers not the random people who play T1 for a bit, and give up during the T1-T2 transition). Why exactly that is? Keeping people from endgame(is none), while they still work out the basic issues in the game. 


Mostly, just take it as a warning, if you get to T4, get a Guard or Engi, and just do PVE. Otherwise start lvling your second faction. 

but nobody will ever fly t4 on a regularly basis, besides some t4 uber squads farming the pugs, because of this ridiculous high repair costs.


i am flying t4 unti i have to engange a (nearly) full squad of [sYN], [ESB] or [Nova]. Dont want to get farmed for no chance of progress (reputation and loyality dont buy me any new shiny ships).


Loosing is no problem. But doing so permanently is just silly so i am back in T3 most of the time.