T4 Pvp - needs more Ques

It can be fun sometimes to play T4. There is no reason not to anymore. Slow ques but i think we can change that if people que more :P. I find it fun because more ships customization options so more diffrent builds into play then at lower tiers. What do you think ? Don’t judge by my gameplay, i am not that good, just see for yourself. See you tonight in T4 ques gentlemen and ladies.



Your opponents are flying … very strange :wink:

They were probably very tired as i was :stuck_out_tongue: it was late during the night.

you need to edit yout videos :/ 

you need to edit yout videos :/ 



Why add 1000 lights and bloom and effects. It’s gameplay not hollywood. And it’s not ment to attract people or anything. it’s…gameplay.